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Are you

  • "Struggling to understand your Japanese partner or friends and to know their true feeling?"
  • "Dreaming of a relationship with a Japanese partner?"
  • "Looking to work more effectively with Japanese colleagues or a boss but unsure how?"


If you said 'yes', welcome to your solution!



Don't let misunderstandings cloud your future:

Are you struggling to understand Japanese people, or unsure if you're interpreting them correctly? Japanese culture has developed a unique communication style over 2,000 years, distinctly different from other cultures, especially Western ones. Without knowledge of Japan's communication culture, it can be very difficult to understand others.



Challenges may arise from cross-cultural misunderstandings.

Many people have given up on their relationships with Japanese individuals because they simply couldn't understand them, concluding that the issues were due to personal characteristics. However, in many cases, the real root of the problem is often a lack of understanding of cultural differences.

Before giving up, wouldn't you want to try resolving your issues from this perspective?


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Meet Kent Iida aka Santi:

Kent is a Japanese cross-cultural consultant who has conducted numerous cross-cultural communication trainings, programs, and seminars for global corporations. He actively supports business professionals engaged with Japanese counterparts and, as a personal coach, diligently addresses their individual issues with passion.

  • Founder of One Day Japan Inc.
  • Providing training and consulting for employee education at MNCs for over 15 years
  • MBA from Trinity College Dublin
  • B.A. from the State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity
  • Former employee of Emirates Airlines
  • Business Consultant & Alliance Partner Consultant at HR Institute Co., Ltd.
  • Certified Coach from Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • Host of "Japanese Man Santi's Radio" on YouTube

Here is an example of the clients Kent has worked with.


In individual consultations,  

  • Kent begins by thoroughly listening to your situation and circumstance.
  • Once he identifies the problem you are facing, he intertwines his extensive knowledge of Japanese culture to provide the necessary solutions or advice.
  • Kent collaborates with you to find a path to the future you desire, all within an hour's consultation. His approach is not just superficial; as a consultant, he uses logical thinking and insight to resolve your issues.


Benefits of a Personalized Session with Kent: 

  • Experience a 60-minute coaching session tailored to your unique challenges.
  • Receive clear, concise advice from a cross-cultural communication expert.
  • Enjoy comfortable and convenient online sessions via Zoom.



How It Works:

  1. Review Services: Check our Consultation Packages & Fees to understand what we offer.
  2. Submit the Pre-Consultation Application Form: Fill out the form located at the bottom of this page and click the 'Submit' button.
  3. Approval and Scheduling: If your needs align with Santi's expertise, we'll guide you through payment and scheduling.
  4. Confirmation: Receive an email with your online session details - you're all set!
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What Clients Are Saying:

Name: Jennie (One-time consultation)

Topic: Overcoming Communication Barriers with My Japanese Boyfriend

"I was on the brink of ending my relationship with my Japanese boyfriend due to repeated misunderstandings. Santi's session was a lifeline. He helped me understand that our issues weren't just about us as individuals but about the cultural differences that we hadn't been considering. His advice was invaluable and saved our relationship. Now, not only are we still together, but we're stronger than ever and planning to move in together in Tokyo!"


Name: Rachel (Journey Package)

Topic: Enhancing Workplace Relationships with My Japanese Boss

"Despite my boss speaking fluent English, I was struggling to connect with him. It wasn't until I had a session with Santi that my perspective completely changed. He helped me understand that the gap wasn't personal but cultural. With Santi's advice, I adjusted my communication style and saw immediate improvement in our relationship. Now, I'm not only on better terms with my boss, but I've also been promoted to lead a team that includes several Japanese members. I'm beyond thankful for Santi's insightful session."



Privacy & Terms:

We respect your privacy and guarantee that your personal information won't be provided to any third-party individual, government agency, or company unless compelled by law. [Read our full Terms & Condition and Privacy policy here]



Cancellation Policy:

Please note that payments are non-refundable. Sessions cannot be cancelled but may be rescheduled if necessary.


"I firmly believe that, in most cases, it's not about personal clashes. It's about understanding and maneuvering through the intricate nuances of Japanese culture.

The situation you're in now is the result of decisions and thoughts you've made in the past, and time alone won't resolve it.

If you're truly ready to step towards the future you desire, consider speaking with a professional consultant. You're likely to see different results.

If that consultant is me, I will pour all my knowledge and experience into solving your problems. Let's start moving forward today.

Send me your application form first, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to working with you and helping you overcome your challenges!"

Kent Iida aka Santi, Founder of One Day Japan Inc.


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Consultation Packages & Fees  

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Choose the comprehensive Journey Package for ongoing guidance to secure a relationship or enhance an existing one.

For specific issues or queries, opt for the One-Time Consultation.

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Journey Package


  • Three 60-minute personal consulting sessions
  • Tailored support throughout a 6-week consulting period after your first consulting session
  • Prioritized communication via Whatsapp/LINE for seamless, top-priority interactions
  • Risk-free application process
One-Time Consultation


  • One 60-minute one-on-one session
  • Special Discount Available for New Clients
  • Note: Email support is not available post-session.
  • Risk-free application process



Pre-Consultation Application

  • Begin your path to intercultural relationship success.
  • Share your situation details in our application form.
  • Within 24-48 hours, Santi will review your application to understand your needs and challenges.
  • If your situation aligns with his consulting expertise, he'll guide you through the payment and scheduling process via email. However, should your situation fall outside his area of expertise, he will respectfully inform you of this.
  • Start transforming your relationship journey today!


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