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  • Struggling to find effective training or workshops to enhance relationships with Japanese employees or business partners?

  • Seeking specialized training programs to ensure your staff interacts appropriately with Japanese clients?

  • Looking for insights on how to adapt your services or products specifically for the Japanese market?


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Tailored Global Training Solutions for Effective Japanese Business Engagement

Expert in Cross-Cultural Communication:

We specialize in bridging communication gaps between Japanese and international teams, enhancing workplace efficiency and collaboration for global businesses.

Flexible and Comprehensive Training Solutions:

From brief workshops to in-depth courses, our programs range from a few hours to extensive six-month plans, meticulously crafted to suit any training objective and schedule.

Program Customization for Unique Business Needs:

Each program is precisely designed to align with your specific business requirements, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in achieving your corporate goals.




Explore Our Specialized Training Themes:

Our programs blend Japanese culture insights with practical skills for successful collaboration with Japanese business partners.


  • Logical Thinking for the Japanese Business Environment:
    Develop critical thinking skills tailored to the nuances of Japanese corporate culture.

  • Cross-Cultural Communication Mastery:
    Gain expertise in navigating and bridging cultural differences with Japanese counterparts.

  • Advanced Presentation Techniques for Japan:
    Learn how to present ideas persuasively and effectively in a Japanese business setting.

  • Marketing Strategies for the Japanese Market:
    Understand the fundamentals of marketing specifically geared towards Japanese consumers.

  • Negotiation Skills with Japanese Business Professionals:
    Enhance your ability to negotiate successfully in the Japanese business context. 



Training Program Examples:

We deliver training that aligns with your company's needs, whether it's a concise three-hour session, a full-day program, or a multi-day comprehensive course.

Our training approach prioritizes actionable learning, allocating 40% to foundational knowledge (input) and 60% to active application (output). This method ensures that participants gain proficiency through real-world practice of the concepts taught.

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Meet Kent, Your Guide to Japanese Business Mastery:

Kent Iida, also known as Santi, is the founder of One Day Japan and a Japanese cross-cultural consultant. He has conducted numerous cross-cultural communication trainings, programs, and seminars for global corporations. He and his team provide strong support for the growth of many corporations.

  • Founder of One Day Japan Inc.
  • Providing training and consulting for employee education at MNCs for over 13 years
  • MBA from Trinity College Dublin
  • B.A. from the State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity
  • Former employee of Emirates Airlines
  • Business Consultant & Alliance Partner Consultant at HR Institute Co., Ltd.
  • Certified Coach from Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • Host of "Japanese Man Santi's Radio" on YouTube




Kent's Diverse Expertise and Proven Results:

  • Cross-Cultural Business Insight: 

    Kent, a State University of New York alumnus with an MBA from Trinity College Dublin, brings a wealth of global experience, including a stint with Emirates Airlines in the UAE. With over 13 years of experience upon returning to Japan, he has been instrumental in supporting professionals who work for MNCs, enhancing their cross-cultural competencies and business acumen.

  • Proven Consulting and Lecturing Expertise:

    Kent, a seasoned consultant and lecturer, dedicates over 100 days a year to educating professionals from more than 40 globally recognized MNCs, conducting seminars and employee training that facilitate seamless integration into the Japanese business milieu.

  • Founder's Insight:

    Kent, founder of One Day Japan Inc. and Santi Japanese Language School, also runs a YouTube channel with 17,000+ subscribers and over 1 million views, focusing on cross-cultural understanding. Annually, he successfully coaches 30+ clients in navigating intercultural business challenges.

  • Physical & Mental Discipline:

    Not just a thought leader, Kent has demonstrated dedication and discipline by triumphing in the Best Body Japan Kofu Competition 2023 (fitness physique competition), reflecting a commitment to excellence that he brings to all his training and consultancy roles.

  • Trusted by Industry Giants:

    Kent's expertise is sought after by leading global firms attesting to his skill in fostering productive cross-cultural business relationships. 

Examples of Kent's Clients


How It Works:

This approach is common among many of our corporate clients.

  • Initial Inquiry: Fill out and submit the inquiry form. Expect a response from us within 3 business days.
  • Free Online Consultation: A 40-minute consultation will be scheduled. We'll discuss your company's challenges and goals.
  • Customized Program Proposal: Based on our consultation, we'll develop and send you a tailored program curriculum and reference slides, along with cost details.
  • Training Implementation: We then move forward with the training.
  • Pre- and Post-Training Meetings: Optional final confirmation meeting before training and a debriefing meeting afterward are available.


Client Feedback:

Kent is an alliance partner of HR Institute Inc., a consulting firm in Japan that has been providing corporate training for over 30 years.

"Kent is a global training partner with a wealth of experience in various industries and firsthand startup entrepreneurship overseas. While he possesses a rare individuality, he is also known for his meticulous approach, engaging with each training participant individually and providing thorough feedback."

Ken Misaka, CEO, HR Institute

Consultant Fee

Our pricing emphasizes transparency, varying based on each consultant's dedicated time.

$2,500 (0-3 hours)

$4,000 (3-8 hours)

  • Uniform fees for both training and consulting services.
  • Same rates apply for both online and offline sessions.
  • A premium of 20% is added when specifically requesting the consultant, Kent Iida.
  • All fees are subject to an additional 10% tax.
  • This fee structure is for corporate clients. For personal consulting inquiries, please click here.
  • For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the FAQ section.
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  • Prompt Response: Expect a reply within 3 business days from our dedicated team.


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