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  • Seeking a Japanese native speaker with business expertise to translate your CV naturally into Japanese?
  • Unsure about the natural flow of your translated business documents and in need of a professional native review


  • Planning a new Japanese website and looking for reliable translation services?


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Don't Let Translation Mistakes Dim Your Bright Future!

Japanese, a complex language shaped by its culture, deeply influences business etiquette and communication. Natives carefully review even crucial documents for more than just spelling—context and delivery matter. Trust our services to ensure your Japanese documents are precise and culturally accurate.



Our Translation Service Lineup (English-Japanese)

At One Day Japan, we offer three specialized translation services, each meticulously handled by consultant Kent Iida.

Resume Translation or Revision:

We revise CVs and resumes for submission to Japanese companies or schools to ensure they make the best impression on native Japanese readers. Going beyond Chat GPT translations, we clarify the purpose of the resume, incorporate your background and unique selling points, and craft content that resonates with the recipient. 


Document Translation:

We offer translation services for both individuals and corporations. Whether it's school submissions, training materials, or internal/external meeting documents, send us your papers. As a native Japanese speaker and business consultant, Kent Iida ensures logically coherent and impactful narrative expressions tailored to each case.



Corporate Website Translation:

We translate your corporate website from English to Japanese. The process begins with an initial 30-minute meeting to understand the message and purpose of your content. After aligning our understanding, we proceed with the translation.

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Meet Kent Iida, Your Expert Translator and Consultant:

Why Kent? He doesn't just translate; he transforms your documents to meet the exacting standards of Japanese corporate culture, ensuring your message is not only understood but also appreciated.

Additionally, Kent provides advice on how to make your documents more appealing, enhancing the presentation as well as the translation.

  • Founder of One Day Japan Inc.:

    Leveraging over 13 years of experience in training and consulting for MNCs.

  • Business Acumen:

    MBA from Trinity College Dublin and B.A. from the State University of New York at Buffalo. A seasoned professional with a deep understanding of business dynamics, both in Japan and internationally.

  • Cultural Insight:

    As a former Emirates Airlines employee and an active business consultant with HR Institute Co., Ltd., Kent brings a nuanced understanding of both Western and Japanese cultures. This insight is pivotal in translating not just words, but also the intended message and context.

  • Strategic Communication Expertise:

    Kent's daily interactions with HR departments of MNCs in Japan give him a unique perspective on what international workers need to effectively communicate in a Japanese business environment.

  • Global Coaching and Media Presence:

    Certified Coach from Thunderbird School of Global Management and host of "Japanese Man Santi's Radio" on YouTube, demonstrating his commitment to cross-cultural understanding and communication.


How It Works:

  1. Review Services: Check our  Services & Fees to understand what we offer.

  2. Submit the Application Form: Fill out the form located at the bottom of this page and click the 'Submit' button.

  3. Availability and Confirmation: Due to high demand, availability for new projects is limited. Upon reviewing your application, we will promptly inform you if we can accommodate your request within our current schedule.

  4. Payment and Service Delivery:  After confirming the contract, please proceed with payment. Upon receipt, we'll start the translation process, ensuring prompt and precise service.

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What Clients Are Saying:

Name: Liang (Resume Translation or Revision)

"I needed my resume revised for a job application at a top Japanese tech firm. Kent's service was exceptional. Not only did he translate my CV, but he also advised on how to structure it to appeal to Japanese employers. His insights into Japanese corporate culture were invaluable. The final result was not just a translation, but a transformation of my resume. I landed the job interview, and I'm confident Kent's work played a big part in that."


Name: Nadia (Corporate Document Translation)

"Our company required urgent translation of training materials for our Tokyo branch. We turned to Kent for his expertise. He didn't just translate the words; he captured the essence of our content, maintaining coherence and impact in Japanese. His work reflected a deep understanding of both languages and business nuances. The feedback from our Japanese colleagues was overwhelmingly positive. Kent's translation bridged the gap between our global teams."


Name: Alex (Website Localization Project)

"Localizing our website for the Japanese market seemed daunting until we worked with Kent. His process was thorough, starting with a deep-dive meeting to understand our brand's message. The translation went beyond mere language – it captured our brand's voice in a way that resonated with Japanese customers. Our Japanese audience engagement has significantly increased thanks to Kent's meticulous work."



Privacy & Terms:

We respect your privacy and guarantee that your personal information won't be provided to any third-party individual, government agency, or company unless compelled by law. [Read our full Terms & Condition and Privacy policy here]



Cancellation Policy:

Please check the FAQs.


Message from Kent

"'God resides in the details.(小さな所に神は宿る)’ This ancient Japanese saying captures the essence of meticulousness in our culture.

Character, personality, and ability – all are discerned through the smallest details. In Japan, many still adhere to this belief, which is why we pay attention to the minutiae in everything – time, content, and even in the subtleties of care and communication.

 As your translator, I embrace this philosophy wholeheartedly. I understand that in your resumes, documents, and websites, the smallest error in expression can jeopardize everything. Before that happens, let me support you.

My service is not just about translating words; it's about bridging cultures, ensuring your message resonates accurately and effectively in the Japanese context.

Trust me to handle the nuances, and together, we can create a powerful, culturally attuned presence for you in Japan."

Kent Iida aka Santi, Founder, One Day Japan Inc

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Services & Fees  

Find the support* you need with our translation plans and fill out the application form below. Our representative will respond within 2 business days.

*All fees are subject to an additional 10% tax.

Resume Translation or Revision


  • Service: Translation of your resume (up to 2 pages), including critical consistency checks and expert advice for tailoring it to Japanese corporate standards.
  • Delivery Time: Standard delivery within 3-5 business days after receiving the documents.(Expedited plan available, see FAQs).
Document Translation

$0.30 per word

  • Service: Comprehensive translation services for a range of documents, ideal for individual and corporate needs, including academic submissions and business materials.

  • Delivery Time: Standard delivery within 3-5 business days after receiving the documents. (Expedited plan available, see FAQs).

Corporate Website Translation

$500 + $0.30 per word

  • Service: Comprehensive translation of your entire website. Includes a 30-minute initial consultation  for optimal alignment with your business goals.
  • Delivery Time: Standard completion within 5-7 business days after contract agreement. 
    (Expedited plan available, see FAQs). 

 Note: We provide translation services, but do not offer design advice.

Translation Service Application

  • Review Process: Kent will assess your translation needs and his schedule within 3 business days.
  • Order Acceptance: If your order can be accepted, we will provide an estimate of fees and contract information. (In cases where Kent is not available, we will inform you respectfully.)
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